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The seniors housing market in North America is well-established, with many large companies operating in the sphere.

Asset Class Overview

The seniors housing and long term care industry provides both accommodation and an array of services and program options for seniors. The demand for these properties is primarily driven by the segment of the seniors’ population over the age of 75. The level of service and variety of options available to the seniors housing marketplace continue to evolve as the needs, preferences and demands of seniors and their families change.

The types of properties which facilitate the delivery of accommodation and care services to seniors are typically divided into five categories: seniors apartments (“SA”), independent living (“IL”), assisted living (“AL”), memory care (“MC”) and long-term care (“LTC”). Continuing Care Retirement Communities (“CCRCs”) represent a hybrid model, and typically offer all of the care levels noted above on a single campus. *

Property Types by Services Provided​

This image highlights the array of services offered across the different property types. Besides accommodation, seniors housing properties typically offer hospitality services, care services and medical services. This spectrum of property types is commonly referred to as the Continuum of Care.

Source: CBRE. Click on image to enlarge.

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